Thursday, August 25, 2011

Midweek Getaway to the Armstrong Mansion

The Armstrong Mansion.  It was fun to look at the rooms.  We stayed in "January".

We went to see Laura Mott at U of U hospital.  She'd  been lifeflighted from Tooele hospital with  pneumonia.   She was thrilled to be off the ventilator and able to talk again.

This is where we had dinner - a great place.  It's a little way up Emigration Canyon.

The next morning we hiked Ensign Peak, where the General YW Presidency presented their new virtue value.  Not far, but very steep.

Us at the top - too bright.

This is a view of the capitol we hadn't seen - from the back.

Salt Lake Valley 

The monument on Ensign Peak.  This is where Brigham Young came two days after they entered the Salt Lake Valley.  They put a yellow bandana on a cane and named the hill; held a planning meeting for their new home.

Ensign Peak is a Salt Lake City park - this plaza is the entrance to the trail.

Remember the phrase "Ensign to the Nations?"
Can you see the map of the world in the pavers?  It would be easier without shadows.

Grandpa's Photo Shoot

Grandpa needed a picture to go with his job applications.  We went over to Jen's house and used her outside walls for a background.  Not bad - I must be a good photographer.

He looks good in his new suit.

This rose was next to Jen's steps.

This is the picture he used for the application.

Annie is good at getting into pictures.
We saw a cute slogan - "A woman's best accessory is a well-dressed man.

Timpanogos Hike - for Tom2

This is how light it was when we left the parking lot.

A little more light.

Timpooneke Trail - 7.1 miles to the summit.

More light.

Scout Falls.  There's a lot of melting snow so the falls are great.

The sound was big, too.

Moose sighting just above the falls.

Self portrait.

What is this bird - a chukar?

Beautiful day!  Still a lot of snow.

From far away, I took a picture of the parking lot with my zoom lens.
Can you see our car ?  It's in the front row on the right.

This picture is from the same place - that little white area is the parking lot.

Don't you just like Grandpa?  He is so nice to go hiking with me.

Snow was on the trail in a lot of places.

Getting higher.

Here we are sitting on the saddle.  It's a pretty amazing feeling.

Starting back down.  This was scarier than it looks.

Can you see that my behind is all wet?  It's proof that I slid down a snow field.

Mixed up order.  Can you see our house in this picture from the saddle?

Great view of Utah Valley.

Most years this would all be wild flowers by the middle of August.

Lake of snow melt.

How cool is it to have such beauty so close to home.

No - they weren't looking for us.

Perfect seat.

Okay.  Follow the tracks across from right to left.  At the end of the first section, there is a line of whiter snow going downhill.  That is the chute that we slid down - about 200 feet.  It was an amazing ride and way safer than traversing the next section of snow.

These are samples of the gorgeous flowers.

Mint in bloom was everywhere.

Is this phlox?  It was blooming all alone on a rocky slope.

Sticky geranium or cranesbill.