Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We went for a hike in the Red Cliffs Desert Preserve  up above St. George.
These people were learning to rappel on the cliff just inside the park.

Can you see the face?  

Look for the little grass plant in the middle of the rocks.

This is it - brave little plant.

Grandpa took my picture ......

and I took his.

And some people from California offered to take one together.

At Zion N.P. - Lower Emerald Pool.

Upper Emerald Pool - taken by an Australian.
It was windy by the falls.

I loved the way the water caught the light.

End of the day at Zion.

We hiked to the end of the canyon, where you would enter the narrows if it weren't so full of water.  
People had built cairns out of smooth river rocks.  

There were hundreds of them and people were building more.

No food for the squirrel.

St. George temple - gorgeous!

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Spring on Temple Square

Tab, temple, and Church Offices
That's mine!
Second from right:  middle row
They "blew up" some of the entries onto the walls
Just happy to be here
Time out for a little Fiesta dancing
Sandra taking a picture of Moroni
The visit had a dream-like quality


Proof!  We're really in the Conference Center!

Claire was the photographer.

Happy Birthday, Ben!

Amy and girls (Molly, Sandra and Lucy) came to see Sandra's art in the children's art exhibit.  The exhibit was wonderful - a work of art all by itself.  Check out the Noah's ark on the wall.  We also enjoyed the other exhibits and the spring flowers on Temple Square that day.  On Sunday, we watched the morning session of conference in Grandpa's office (a little crowded) and then drove to the Conference Center for the afternoon session.  What a great day!  Thanks, Skousons, for bringing the tickets.