Monday, February 21, 2011


Everyone likes the puppies!

Everyone likes high places, too!

Birthday party guests


Sunday afternoon downtime

Do you think Alex likes puzzles?

These two worked together on the party craft.

Alex as deacon.  It was great to watch him pass the sacrament.

Not focused, but Erin's aquarium is so cool.

Lazy fish.

Best trick of the week.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Grandpa and I flew to Colorado on Friday so we could be at Jenna's baptism.  It was a wonderful baptism with some fun things that will make us all remember it.  Whoever came to turn on the water to fill the font forgot to put  in the plug.  They went home, leaving the water to run, and when they got back the font was still empty.  When we arrived, the water was running (plug in) and the missionaries were carting big kettles of water from the kitchen and pouring it into the font.  Eventually they baptized her in about a foot of water.  The first try failed because her toe was sticking out - even though she was lying on the bottom.  So Erin baptized her again - and this time made sure that everything was under.  I think she must have pointed her toes.
figuring out the camera
Jenna and Grandma Francom
Kira, the photographer