Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rowan's Blessing Day

Rowan doesn't look all that thrilled, does he?

Wyatt is so good at anything that has to do with a controller.

Rory knows how to make you feel glad you came.

Kai says this picture looks like him and his dad when he was a baby.  I do think there are a lot of similarities.

I was taking our picture in the bathroom mirrow.

Grandpa, Rory and Rowan

Grandma and Yasy.

Grandpa gave Rowan a name and a blessing.

Merle, Rob and Rowan

The whole Stevens family - aren't they a cute bunch?

Rowan - on the day he was blessed.

We're in the outdoor room that Rob built.  Yasy, Grandpa, Rowan, Grandma, Rory, Wyatt and Malachi

Friday, November 4, 2011

Malachi's Week in Utah

At the Steele reunion - hiding from Uncle Mark's cute girls.

4th of July in Walker's back yard.

Flooded Provo River at Bridal Veil Falls.

Movie and video game evening with Jeff Wheeler.

BYU picture scavenger hunt with Price, Josh and Rebekah.

Kai and Josh as sculpture.



Discovery Park shenanigans.

Making Rebekah bounce.

Three very large thirteen year olds.

Malachi - summer of his 14th year.

Conversation in a shady spot.

This is what they would have done all day - given the opportunity.

Ward water slide party.

Ready for church.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Midweek Getaway to the Armstrong Mansion

The Armstrong Mansion.  It was fun to look at the rooms.  We stayed in "January".

We went to see Laura Mott at U of U hospital.  She'd  been lifeflighted from Tooele hospital with  pneumonia.   She was thrilled to be off the ventilator and able to talk again.

This is where we had dinner - a great place.  It's a little way up Emigration Canyon.

The next morning we hiked Ensign Peak, where the General YW Presidency presented their new virtue value.  Not far, but very steep.

Us at the top - too bright.

This is a view of the capitol we hadn't seen - from the back.

Salt Lake Valley 

The monument on Ensign Peak.  This is where Brigham Young came two days after they entered the Salt Lake Valley.  They put a yellow bandana on a cane and named the hill; held a planning meeting for their new home.

Ensign Peak is a Salt Lake City park - this plaza is the entrance to the trail.

Remember the phrase "Ensign to the Nations?"
Can you see the map of the world in the pavers?  It would be easier without shadows.