Sunday, March 27, 2011


Emma Lucile Walker was baptized yesterday by her father and was given the gift of the Holy Ghost.  Both her grandpas and her uncle Peter helped with that.  Grandpa Steele and Grandpa Walker were the witnesses for her baptism.  She wore the same dress that her mother was baptized in that Grandma made in 1979.  Her home teacher, Brother Bird, gave a talk and the Primary children who were there sang "When I Am Baptized."

Afterward, we had ice cream and Jen's famous Oatmeal Cookies and Brownies with strawberries, hot fudge sauce, caramel sauce and nuts.

Emma and her dad before the baptism.

Emma and parents. (Ignore those other two people.)

Emma with all her living grandparents.

Emma and friend Aspen.

With Great-Grandma Shipley.

Kalani, Emma, Annalise and Omaei.

Lined up for ice cream.

Uncle Mark brought Omaei and Kalani. 

Ice cream is serious business.

Jen and Mary.

Great Grandma likes baptisms (and ice cream).

Sunday photo shoot.

This is Emma's "thoughtful" look.  Pretty!

The daffodil proves it's spring.

Emma on the blue bench.

Pushing the tree over.

The flower from Emma's dress.

The sunny day made beautiful pictures.

Happy, happy day!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Jenni met us at the zoo with Abby and Tommy.  Peter and Mary came, too.  And it was Abby's birthday.  She's 3 now!

This was the one picture we got of Abby from the front.

The elephants were happy to have their picture taken.

Tom and Tommy - happy Grandpa!

Peter said they needed practice.

Back view.

Grandma's turn.

This was what the sky looked like when we arrived.
X marks the spot.  It was a beautiful day!

Thanks for coming with us, Mary and Peter!

Brave Abby to touch the lion cub!

The giraffe played peek-a-boo!