Sunday, January 23, 2011

Instead of Snowshoeing

Yesterday was a beautiful morning and I talked Grandpa into driving to Midway to go snowshoeing.
Unfortunately, part way up Provo Canyon it started to snow. By the time we got there, the
weather was like this - snowing, cold and very windy.

So we drove back down the canyon for the great alternative of a walk in the mall, but it stopped snowing and the sun came out with mostly blue sky. We stopped and went for a walk (no snowshoes) on the Provo River Trail. We found this piece of art under a trestle in the mud.

Eventually the snowstorm caught us, but still - it was a great walk on a beautiful day.

Out of Our League?

We've decided we need a better record of our visits to kids and grandkids - something that we can eventually turn into a series of books like Jen is doing. So we're going to try to keep a record of things we do with family - when you visit us and when we visit you. We'll include family reunions and cousin's camp - Oregon coast hiking, too. Wish us luck.